A Global leader in



What I do

I help companies succeed by creating clarity and focus in their vision, translating that into realistic and viable plans for change, and executing to deliver results.

Product Development

I’ve led the development and refresh of products that have generated millions of dollars in revenue worldwide.


Process Improvement

I’ve companies find and solve the root causes of pervasive issues, and implement and maintain new ways of delivering value to their customers.

Capability Management

I’ve built teams of full-time staff and volunteers and created environments where they can perform at their best and deliver innovative products.

Helping Startups Succeed

I’ve helped to set the directions of half-a-dozen startup and early-stage companies, laying the foundation for future success.

Coaching and Training

I’ve changed the way people worldwide perform business analysis, product management, and process improvement.

Executive Leadership

I’ve spent a decade in senior leadership roles, working with CEOs and Boards to drive success and deliver meaningful results.

If what you’re doing Isn’t working, Let’s Talk!

I can help you get your company unstuck and help you create change that will last long after I’m gone. Change is hard. Let’s work to make it a little easier. Contact me at kevin at newba dot com.